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Our Policy

Appointment Deposit

This prepayment is used to secure you consultation and must be done in order to make your first appointment. Once you come in this $25 can either be deducted from your total service pricing or rolled into another service. However, if you do not call, email, or text to cancel your appointment 24 hours prior to your scheduled time, you will lose your deposit and it will be non refundable.


 Clients may not come during their menstrual cycle and need to shower prior to arrival. We are unable to provide services if you are pregnant; prior to your appointment you must sign a pregnancy waiver. We cannot treat wounded areas or skin infected areas. Gentlemen requiring private services must call in advance to make appointments due to scheduling purposes. To provide a more private and quiet environment, we ask clients not to bring any extra guest that will not be receiving any treatments. Remove jewelry in the area of treatment, example; belly button rings, earrings. Wear clothing that will easily expose the area of treatment.


Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram as we post actual before and after pictures of clients who have consented to showing their results. Please contact us for further information regarding our treatments, products, and services and we would be more than glad to show you how the program works and provide you with ideal result based on client’s before and after pictures.


Each person’s body is different so results will vary depending on your body type and goal. A consultation allows us to customize a treatment packet that works for you and gives you the optimal results you’re looking for. In addition, this also gives Konceited staff a chance to meet you and to answer any and all of your questions [ i.e. time frame, number of sessions, pre and post expectations] as well as healthy habits to create to guarantee long term results. Our goal is to insure that you have reasonable expectations for the outcome by explaining what is possible and what is takes to get your desired results. Call us now for a consultation.

When is it not advisable to do these treatments?

Similar to most procedures, there are a handful of health-related conditions that would prevent our specialist from performing certain treatment. So, at your first visit we will go through a set of questions with you to ensure that your are suitable. Unfortunately, we will not do treatments for:

  • Thyroid gland dysfunction
  • Epilepsy
  • Currently expecting a child
  • Cancer or a past record of cancer
  • Radiation therapy
  • Kidney/liver issues
  • Pacemakers
  • Under the age of 18 years

Is it really risk-free?

There are limited risk or complications when it comes to non-surgical, non-invasive, procedures; however, we will explain specific risks for each procedure on a case by case basis during your consultation Multiple treatments are usually needed for optimal results; the number of sessions will be determined case by case Skin redness, temporary swelling or numbness around the treated area may occur but most of our procedures are minimal to no pain and considered to feel like a relaxing, warm massage treatment